I like to learn and work on tools to improve human development, being them writings, software, or thoughts. When I’m not coding, I enjoy running, swimming, and playing snooker.

That's me, the owner of this piece of internet software

Where it all started

My interest in programming started back in 2001 when I saw a friend playing with Visual Basic inside MSExcel. A few moons later, I discovered web development and started making blog templates. A decade went by before I could start making any money out of it.

Nowadays, I don’t make blog templates anymore, but the passion for web development got me involved in browsers and drives most of the content I create. During my career, I’ve worked with a wide range of applications, web apps, mobile apps, dApps, desktop apps, and contributed to open-source libraries and apps used by millions of developers such as React.js, Node.js, and Brave.

This blog

Here I share my thoughts on development and my views on everything. I used to write about software development on Quora, where I earned the Quora Top Writer award in 2021, but as things move and the world turns, this blog is a centralized platform I can control.

Fun facts about me

I’m a retired Brazilian Army Paratrooper and used to be an Intelligence Analyst, working during events such as the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics.


I’m based in the southeast of 🇧🇷 Brazil, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro.


If you want me to present or speak at your event send me a message via (mind the quotes). You can also reach me over Twitter though I’m not as responsive as the email option.